How To Create Your Own Custom Lace Tint

How To Create Your Own Custom Lace Tint

Since we know how important having the perfect color lace is for you to get a flawless install. We've made sure to include transparent lace on our wigs so you can customize it to your perfect shade!

You can use your favorite makeup powder, foundation or even create your own lace tint by following our walkthrough video below!

You'll need:

  • RIT all purpose fabric dye (dark brown or tan)
  • Water
  • Salt
  • Spray bottle
  • Lace you will be tinting
  • Plastic spoon
  • Plastic bowl

Step 1: Pour some water in the plastic bowl

Step 2: Shake up your RIT Dye and add a little bit of RIT dye to the water in the bowl (start small, you can add in more depending on the shade you want your lace to be.)

Step 3: Add salt to the mixer of water and RIT dye

Step 4: Mix everything together till the salt and dye dissolves

*Tip: Dip a white paper towel in the tint to see how light or dark your tint is.

Step 5: Transfer the mixer in the bowl to a spray bottle

Step 6: Spray your new custom lace tint on your lace and blow dry. (You can build up the color by spraying your lace mulitpe times between blow drying it.)

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