The Biggest Mistakes Beginner Wig Wearer Makes

The Biggest Mistakes Beginner Wig Wearer Makes

We all make mistakes, often due to a lack of knowledge. As a beginner wig wearer, you may have made some common errors simply because you didn't know any better.

Today, I will highlight a few potential mistakes that beginner wig wearers often make.

A common mistake when wearing a wig for the first time is not braiding our hair small enough. We often make large braids in our eagerness to see how the wig looks. This can result in a bumpy wig because the braids are not flat against the scalp. When applying a wig, consider your braids as your new scalp. Since the wig is worn over your hair, it's crucial to ensure that your hair is as flat as possible

A second mistake is starting with a frontal wig without knowing how to handle a lace wig. You've seen many girls on social media wearing them and you want one too, which is understandable. However, frontals may not suit everyone's lifestyle, especially if you're active or a parent. A frontal wig as your first choice may add unnecessary stress due to its high maintenance. You might not be ready for that commitment yet. Therefore, it's better to start with a closure or even a U-Part wig, which can look just as good.

The third common mistake is scratching your lace due to an itch, which can lead to a hole in the lace or a bald patch on your lace closure. If you have an itch under your lace, it's better to gently pat the area instead of scratching it. Scratching can cause damage, create a hole, or lead to hair shedding, reducing the lifespan of your lace closure.

Finally, avoid applying your wigs without customizing them first. When you remove your wig from the packaging, you might notice little black dots on the lace at the roots. If the hairline on the wig appears extremely thick and doesn't resemble the wigs you see on Instagram, it's because those wigs have had their knots bleached to make the black dots less visible. Additionally, hair is plucked from the hairline to create a softer and more natural appearance. However, with Ira’s Legacy wigs, you don't need to worry about customization as the wigs come pre-customized for you.

Now that you're aware of these mistakes, you can correct them or help someone else to ensure a smoother wig-wearing experience.

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